O bag was founded in Padua Italy in 2009 by an innovative group of designers with a passion for creating colorful and quirky objects of desire. Their mission was to create a customizable product line that allows its customers to express themselves in a distinctive way.


Now the pioneering retailer that has built a following in the world’s most prestigious fashion capitals of the world has come to the Boston area.  Located at 2 Market Square in the quintessentially New England town of Newburyport, Ma., O bag is centered in the heart of Newburyport's historic, maritime shopping district which includes a wide variety of trendy boutiques, restaurants, and ample parking.

The fusion of form, function and personal style

Product Features

  • Sophisticated, sleek, contemporary Italian design

  • Wide choice of O bag styles – handbags, shoulder bags, messenger bags and totes

  • Extensive selection of designer colors and seasonal accents

  • Interchangeable components allow you to tailor your handbag and accessories to complement your wardrobe, 
    mood and fancy

  • Over 33 watch band colors and 100 distinct watch faces
    – all interchangeable – yielding over 3000 watch combinations

  • Colorful and fanciful accessories (bracelets, pocket watches, fur trim, sun glasses) to complete your fashion statement

  • Product uniqueness

  • Extensible and modular. Create a variety of unique purses   and watches by mixing and matching interchangeable
    purse straps, colors, liners, watch faces, bands and accessories. (One bag can be made to look like
    several totally different bags).

  • Lightweight, practical, tactile and waterproof

  • Resilient and easy to clean

  • One of a kind end products – promotes freedom
    of fashion expression

  • Bags, watches and accessories made of soft, hypo-allergenic, PBA-free, EVA (a silicon-like elastomeric polymer)

  • Multi-generational appeal. The student, yoga enthusiast,
    or beach goer will find unique and affordable totes, while
    the high-end fashion seeker will be able to create
    a distinctive, highly designed handbag replete with
    fur lining and high-end features

Product Benefits

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